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Brandmuscle Benefits

Localize your brand like never before—and sell more than ever

Brandmuscle offers an end-to-end system of user-friendly, customizable communications tools to help you and your distributors sell more in more places than ever before. Now you can market when, where and how they need to across multiple possible decision points—while advancing your brand.

Brandmuscle solves the problems brands face at the local level—and makes it easy for you and your distributor partners to do exactly what helps sell the most. You get easy-to-use solutions, on-demand support and fast reimbursement to build programs that flexibly address the needs of the local markets. You get a powerful new way to grow sales and build your brand locally.

That’s why Brandmuscle is reinventing local marketing.

Brandmuscle helps you

Leverage any medium: traditional, digital, social

Customize easily to local audiences, events and promotions

Get to market fast with online tools and on-demand support

Preserve and build brand equity

Increase your ROI

Brandmuscle Services

Everything you need to own local marketing is right here

Graphic Services

Print Services

Digital Tools

Social Media

Reporting & Analytics

Process Management

Graphic Services

Graphic Services

Professional graphic design services on-demand, without the hefty price tag.

Whether it’s Mardi Gras in New Orleans, the Derby in Louisville or a festival in downtown Chicago, special events and promotions sometimes require the creation of unique content and designs, and they need to be turned around quickly. These types of opportunities help you win local market share but responding to last minute requests from the field and meeting tight deadlines can be challenging with limited internal resources, and expensive when outsourced to an agency.

Brandmuscle eliminates the challenge and can meet any deadline through our dedicated design team of more than 150 experienced graphic designers. With a simple email or phone call, we’re ready to help you or your local affiliates capitalize on local opportunities, with designs turned around within 24 to 48 hours.

How It Works

A senior designer is assigned to your account and trained on allyour legal guidelines and brand standards

Design requests can be submitted via email or by phone 24/7

We will deliver a proof for review and approval, usually within 48 hours

Approved designs are then produced and shipped within 48 hours

Print Services


Turnaround print orders with speed, accuracy and efficiency.

Brandmuscle offers access to high-quality, low-cost production and fulfillment of printed materials using our platform, anywhere in the country – on-demand.

Print on Demand

Through a centralized dashboard, users can customize point of sale for their local needs and have it produced and shipped within 48 hours. Our POD solution is simple enough for any individual user to access, yet powerful enough to handle the requirements of some of the nation's biggest brands.


Brandmuscle's consolidator tool provides a more efficient way to order large scale point of sale program material for your local sales teams in the quantities and sizes they actually need, reducing waste and costs.

Digital Services


Digital tools are an engaging way to promote your brands.

Brandmuscle’s digital tools provide an interactive, costeffective solution for marketing your brands.

Electronic Brochures

With electronic brochures, you can easily create engaging, highly-personalized, interactive selling tools. Designed to be viewed on the web or on mobile devices, electronic brochures allow you to communicate with customers and prospects in a very innovative way. These can be created as follow-up for requests, disseminate information, reinforce discussions, and to make add-on recommendations.

Email Builder

Email builder provides brand compliant email templates available online to customize and send. Corporate marketers remain in control of the brand, legal requirements, content, and frequency of e-mail sends, while users gain a fast and effective way to generate more personalized and relevant messages.

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Social Media


Gain more local fans, followers and control with social media marketing automation.

Monitoring and supporting the social media marketing is challenging for national brands. Yet, social media is an inexpensive and effective way for you to connect with consumers and reinforce brand loyalty where it matters most—at the local level.

Most local users lack the expertise, time and resources required to keep their Facebook and Twitter pages upto- date with compelling, accurate and timely messaging. With Brandmuscle, your users can leverage content you’ve developed by opting-into automated posting streams or by selecting and scheduling individual posts using pre-approved messages. This streamlines social media marketing activities for all users while giving brand marketers a way to establish a timely and consistent layer of brand messaging across their local pages.

How It Works

Users can opt-in to corporate provided content streams or create posts using brand approved templates

Automate deployment of brand and legally compliant posts across affiliate pages

An interactive calendar allows affiliates to view a summary of scheduled posts for all of their social media accounts

Posts can be scheduled in advance, allowing affiliates to deliver timely, relevant content to complement promotions and events

Cost-effective way to promote incentives, special offers, refera-friend programs, and drive activations

Reporting & Analytics


Get better data and insight your marketing activity.

One of the most important aspects of executing a successful local marketing program is measuring ROI. We provide detailed analytics and reporting on demand so you can measure usage and campaign performance. By giving you insight into local marketing activities, you're able to scale top performing programs across your organization more quickly while eliminating those that underperform.

How It Works

Track budgets and spending

Monitor template usage and user activity

Review spend and activity by brand and program

Process Management


Streamline the process of managing projects and inventory.

Our suite of process management tools developed were developed specifically for the alcohol beverage industry to help ease key pain points.


DesignTracker manages the entire workflow, including design requests, financial reviews, design creations and approval, print production and fulfillment. The datacapture ability of DesignTracker automates all bill-back recovery from suppliers while tracking merchandising activity by sales representative, brand and retail account. This ensures total transparency and reporting for informed decisions and insight into all local marketing activity and ROI.

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